Matthew 5:4

4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
How do we heal the wounds of life we pick up as we live in the world? Does God wound us? No He doesn’t. We make choices out of the flesh, we pay the consequences. How do we heal those wounds?
I think there are a couple of important things to remember. 1) God won’t hurt us, but we will hurt ourselves. Crazy, but true – He’s God, we’re not. 2) Grieving is important. Mourning is important. The healing process is intentional. You don’t heal a wound (correctly) by ignoring it. You have to be intentional about treating it. There are right things to do and wrong things to do. Ignoring the wound often leads to bad things happening. Same with a wounded soul. A soul wounded by the world needs to be healed by a perfect, loving God. How? Mourn your wounds with Him. Your wounds aren’t the first He’s seen, nor the first of its type. He knows your pain and finding peace in His word is the biggest step. As you grieve the hurt, come to peace with it, embrace it, own it, define it, learn from it, grow from it, and heal of it. Don’t accumulate it in a dirty little secrets bag. That bag is really a millstone around your neck that everyone sees. They might not know why it’s there, but everyone knows it’s there.
Learn from His love how to grieve, mourn your pain, heal with Christ. Turn the millstone into tools. Turn your pain into joy – the joy of forgiveness and repentance, the joy of freedom from, the joy of using what was meant for bad for good, the joy of service. Heal in Him, heal through Him, heal with Him.
His love knows no end, so live in that love, not in our tiny, fleshy world.

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