1 John 2:12


1 John 2:12
“I am writing to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name.”

Very simply put, right there, not to be denied, fact: we are forgiven. Turn your life over to Christ, accept him as your savior, believe he died for your sins, your sins are forgiven. Grace. Salvation. Justification before the Lord.

Sooooo, can you forgive yourself or are your sins to big to ever be forgiven? If you’re still beating yourself up and not forgiving yourself, remember this: By not forgiving yourself you’re saying that Christ’s death on the cross for all sin, past, present and future wasn’t enough to cover your sins, that God’s death on the cross want enough for your special circumstances, that He isn’t big enough to forgive you and your sins. OK then, aren’t we special!

Forgiving our self is difficult, no doubt, but it’s not because we aren’t forgiven, it’s because we don’t accept forgiveness. I know the re-do button would be nice, but we don’t have one. Satan wants us to live in guilt and shame. God wants us to live in humble adoration. Choose.

Forgiveness, grace, love, peace, joy, are all extended to us and we are to live in that paradigm in all we do. Give up the millstone, turn those experiences into tools and build something with God!  We certainly have enough building material.

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