Psalms 90:12

When justice looks bleak.

Psalms 90:12
“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Oh, how we dislike discipline, justice. Yeah, we’ll accept it, but not with a grateful heart. It’s usually with a stiff neck and prideful protestations. So what do we do with a God who is perfect? What do we do with a God who can be nothing but perfect? What do we do with a God who’s love AND justice are perfect? What do we do with a God who defines right and wrong, who’s love and justice have no option but to be perfect when we break the rules and need disciplining? We blame God.

The reality is that God is and has been forever, we’ve only been here a short time. Our days are numbered here on earth. We can choose to be prideful or deny that, but that doesn’t change reality anymore than thinking gravity doesn’t apply to us. Gravity doesn’t care what we think or believe, it just goes on being gravity. God is God whether we want him to be or not. The difference is that God is love.

Gaining a heart of wisdom comes from humbly accepting that we’re not perfect and that we have a lot to learn from God – like all the wisdom there is. Numbering our days gives us a sense of urgency – we only have so much time to get right with God!

Yeah, I just want to be happy like a pig in slop. God had better plans and wants me to be joyful. The sooner I quit trying to let Him know why he’s wrong and I’m right, the sooner I quit denying I’m the one who needs to change, the sooner I’ll open myself to His wisdom, His correction, His direction, and ultimately, His presence.

Thank you God that your love, justice, and discipline are perfect.

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