Psalms 105:4 Hide or Seek

Psalms 105:4
“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.”

Seek his face. Different translations use Yahweh (I Am) or Jehovah (The Lord Who Provides – from Seek the Lord, the Creator, The Provider. Seek Him for his strength. Dang, that’s a whole lot more strength than I can muster up by myself. And we’re told to do it, not given it as an option, but told to do it. We not only have permission, we have a command. The command to seek His strength. How freaking cool is that? We have at our choice the ability to draw that kind of strength. Christ tells us if we have the faith as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains. Yet….

Hide or seek. That’s the choice. Given the lack of mountain movement, even movement of the mountains in our own life, I’d say we are pretty much hiding. That explains a lot about ourselves and how the world works, why it is like it is. Small strength leads to small things. God’s strength leads to big things. In our lives, in what we do, in how we live and impact the world. Hmmmm, go figure.

Hide and you’ll never know. Seek and you will find. Go big.

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