Luke 6:33 When have you given enough?

Luke 6:33
“And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.”

I think we’d all agree the world is a mess right now. The question is: why? God has given us plenty of resources, but they are radically distributed – few have much, most have none. If there’s any interest in eliminating starvation poverty, and I don’t think anyone doesn’t think that’s a good idea, the question is how. The problem is so bad that at some point “someone” or “something” is going to do something about it. The question isn’t when, it’s who.

Will it be lord Obama of the UN forcing us to “tithe” so he can redistribute resources (yeah, I know, an extremist shot, but….)? Or will we begin to give sacrificially to attack the problem (I know, extremist again)?

Christ calls us to give sacrificially, and that means giving to those we don’t know, those who are our strangers, even those who are our enemies.

With the radical mal-distribution of resources, of wealth, what does it mean to give sacrificially? It means denying yourself so someone else can eat a square meal a day, so someone else can have clean water, so someone else can get an education. Radical. And it’s a choice, it’s voluntary; it’s not an edict, not theft by a faceless, unaccountable government.

The rest of the world does not look at the West’s wealth the same way the West does, and in the eyes of Christ, rightly so. That’s a fact, tempered only by the reality that we have all the power (yes, I’m including China too because of the economic links). Something is going to give. The radical imbalance cannot continue, it’s not sustainable.

So, what to do? Consider your life, your resources. Can you do more for others with your skills? Your money? I’m sure you can. Fact is, we all can because a disparity exists. It’s our problem, not someone else’s.

Consider what Christ calls us to do, who he calls us to be, how we are to steward the resources we’ve been blessed with. Ask yourself, are you giving enough to make a difference? If not, why not?

Be Christ like in your behavior and how you manage your resources, how you allocate them. Sacrifice largely, like Christ did for us (He left heaven, and all the love, power, and beauty of heaven, to come here for us – that’s sacrificial!).

Make a sacrificial difference. Christ commands us to, and the rewards in the next life will make it well worth it. That’s giving enough.

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