Psalms 40:5, James 2:8 Love your neighbor even when they don’t know how to blow their nose.

Psalms 40:5
5 Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.

James 2:8
If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, you are doing right.

I just got done with a road trip. Chicago to Dallas via air, Dallas to LA to SF via car, and then the red eye back to Chicago. Flying sucks these days. From people who refuse to use a Kleenex and just do massive, massive snot retrieving sniffles every five minutes for the entire 3 ½ hour flight, to the guy next to me bitching about not boarding with the first group to getting somebody’s butt stuffed in my face (next time, wipe better! Give me the window seat for that event alone!), I was struck by how rude and self centric we are.

I was blessed to hang out with my daughters,  one at the beginning, one at the end of the trip. Helped daughter #1 buy a car. Hung out with my sister and her family, saw a crap ton of TX, NM, AZ and CA.  BBQ brisket in Lubbock where it seemed everyone was surprised to see a white guy at the window. Clovis, NM to see the namesake of the first family dog I remember. Albuquerque Air BnB, car repair, Mesa 1, AZ, the Grand freaking Canyon!, Route 66, the dust bowl of central CA. Whirlwind, solitude, time to soak in the massive and tiny miracles He had given us.

Juxtaposed the idiot without the class to blow his nose with the Grand Canyon; the whiny passenger with the miracle of flight. I can’t help but wonder what God sees in us. Nor, can I help wonder what it would be like if we really did love or neighbor as ourself. How different would this world be? How different world it be? Massively different I’m thinking.

Lord, How great are your miracles, especially humans, and how we have lost sight of that. It’s no wonder that You lean on love your neighbor, because You know what we are prone to be.

Love your neighbor is one of God’s miracles we can actually make happen, an interaction with God’s creation that we can do, that we can impact, that we can move in the right direction. I believe it’s how we are wired, but we’ve lost sight of it. Love everyone like yourself. Try it. Like all of God’s creation, it’s beautiful.

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