Psalms 34-8 Luke 7:23 Tripping on Jesus

Psalms 34:8
“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Luke 7:23
“Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me.”

Stumble on account of Jesus? What a tumultuous time it must have been. John is telling people ‘wait for the Christ to come’, knowing He’s coming, yet not knowing who or when. Then here’s Christ showing up at funerals and raising people from the dead, or healing people from waaaay over yonder. No wonder people were confused. No wonder John was not sure. While John the Baptist was sent by God, he was not God, and wasn’t who was to be  worshipped.

Take refuge in the Lord – in the Lord. Don’t be confused or jealous when you find that Christ is the Lord, the God worth worshipping, and not who you’ve been worshipping.

Maybe you think you’re worshipping the Lord but you’re worshipping laws man has set up in His name. Maybe you’re worshipping a god (food, drugs, money, blah, blah, blah) and not God. Maybe you hate Christ because of Christians (understandable but not entirely fair).

Maybe it’s time to drop everything you know and re-boot your relationship with Christ. He is refuge from this world. If you don’t know Him, find Him. Find His love, find His purpose, find His awesomeness. Ignore what man has erected around Him, the legalistic b.s. that keeps us from Him and turns Him into a judgemental old fart.

Don’t be confused and stumble, don’t be jealous on account of Christ.

Jesus wasn’t just a great teacher, or great moral leader. Those folks never ruined a funeral by bringing someone back to life. Only God does that.

God: a refuge, disruptive, pure love, creator.

Don’t be misled by what you “know”, instead take some time to really know. It’s impossible to trip (up) on Jesus if you’re really following the steps of Jesus.

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