Romans 6:23

23 Work hard for sin your whole life and your pension is death. The God’s gift is real life, eternal life, delivered by Jesus, our Master. (The MSG)

Work for sin? Huh? Most folks folks would never want to work for sin, much less work hard for it – I mean it’s wrong, right?

That said, when we walk away, for whatever reason, from God’s definition of sin, we are doing just that. Think about a time you might have said “I’ll never do that” only to find yourself doing it farther down the road. You’d been working hard to get yourself to that decision point and voila. It never seems like we’re working hard because it comes natural to us, but we are.

God, however, isn’t coming with us in our trip. He is as he was, is, and ever shall be; unchangingly perfect.

” The wages of sin is death” (NIV) is pretty clearly written with not a lot of wiggle room there. That’s how God looks at at – black and white. You can pee in His Wheaties if you want to but you might just as well pee into a fan.

There is another way, a counter culture, contrarian, way. “God’s gift is real life, eternal life” (MSG) where our sins are forgiven.

The gift of forgiveness is available to us all. It’s a choice with eternal consequences. Is working hard for sin worth the reward?

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