Philippians 1:29

Philippians 1:29
“29 For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him,”

There’s a bumper sticker that says “I’m a Christian, expect me to act like one”. It really resonated with me because of its simplicity and directness. It shocked me because it is a call to live The Message 24/7/365 and that I didn’t fit the bill. Nor was I comfortable being a standout Christian.

As Christians, we know the truth, but in the western world we’re losing the battle for the hearts and minds. We’re failing Christ and his call to us. We’re failing to an argument (moral relativism) that can’t stand up to the assault of critical thinking. We’re failing to overcome the growth of designer/personal religions.

How would Christ view our efforts to bring people to Him, to win souls to Him, to save people from eternal separation from Him? What Would Jesus Think About What We Do?  I look at it this way – I’d rather be ridiculed by someone who can’t defend their position without having more faith in the unprovable than I do in Christ than deny my faith and trust in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit by word or action (or lack thereof). We are told that we will suffer for Him, that faith and suffering are both blessings.

We are a community. We are called to one goal, to glorify God in all we do as a community. We are the collective body of Christ, whether we are alone or a congregation. Let’s act like one. Carpe diem, secure though in your future in heaven. Enjoy a little discomfort being a Christian that acts like one no matter what happens.

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