2 Corinthians 5:17

What does new look like?

2 Corinthians 5:17
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

What’s new? New new is fresh out of the box, undamaged, still got tags/smell that says “I’m new!, Hear me roar!”  Well, it might not say all that, but we kinda do: Like my new sweater/car/clubs/dishes/whatever? How about new used? I will probably never know the smell of a new car again – it just ain’t worth it, and I love shopping at thrift stores. But what is new and why do we want new?

New is something better or why bother replacing the old? But new gets old and we start looking for a new new to replace the old new because it isn’t new anymore.

What would it be like if there was a new new that was always new, always making itself new again, always growing and ready to be adored for it’s newness? That would be pretty cool.

“The old is gone, the new is here” is a promise along the lines of an if/then statement, and it’s not a one time deal, it’s a recurring, repetitive, ongoing deal. It’s the real deal of a lifetime, better than a never ending gobstopper kind of deal.

It’s the deal for a new heart  a new approach to the world, a new peace, a new joy, a new love in life here on earth. By submitting to Christ as our savior, the promise is that we become a new creation, we are changed completely in how we view and interact with the world. The Holy Spirit dwells in the God shaped hole in our heart, not the worldly things that rust and cause pain. Love is there and it’s the engine for the change. Love of God, love of His creations, love of life here on earth (because we know this isn’t out home), love of growing closer to Him.

The heart that is transformed by the Holy Spirit is constantly being made new again, and in that, we are constantly being made new creations. I am a new creation today, different than who I was yesterday, ever evolving, ever growing, ever changing as I discard the old, as I reject the ways of the world and embrace the ways of God. This is the promise to all of us.

Real new is always new. Worldly new is new until it’s old. We all know the worldly drill, do you know the Godly drill?

Therefore. A statement of fact to follow.

If anyone is in Christ. The if statement.

The new creation had come. The then statement as a statement of fact.

Be new in a way that matters, in a way that makes a difference in the world, in a way that glorifies God. Be new continually by the love/greatness/grandness/awesomeness of Christ, be transformed by the healing power of God, be made new unceasingly by all of the above.

Hoping everyone has an awesome, transformational, renewing day today and every day.

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