Proverbs 29:23

Pride is like ear wax.

Proverbs 29:23
“Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.”

Ear wax, if not cleaned, will clog your hearing canal so it becomes hard to hear. If it goes on long enough without being cleaned, it’ll effect your balance too. I had my ears abraded once. So much ear wax came out that I apologized profusely to the technician – I mean it was gross. I was shocked that do much wax had built up over the years. Pride is like that.

Hear (pun intended) we have the battle between self and God highlighted once again. Who do you listen to more? Who is guiding your life? Are you living for your resume or your eulogy?

Pride in self shuts down our ability to hear God because it leads us to think that we are responsible for blessings, not God. Humbly (lowly) recognizing that it’s God who is blessing us, that it’s God who makes all things possible, not me, opens our ears to His wisdom.

Pride has helped me make lots of decisions. Most of those decisions, the vast majority, have had regret tied to them – either immediately or at some later point. God has turned a few into blessings, but it was as an answer to a foxhole prayer of mine.

Be humble before the Lord, know that all good things come from Him. It’s His blessings that give you the security to shine, radiate, serve, love richly.

Pride is defensive and we end up building walls around it to protect it. Like ear wax, it dulls our hearing and effects our balance, and we don’t even know we have an issue with it.

Go in today and get a good abading of your pride – you’ll be surprised at the beautiful sounds of God you’ll hear clearly again.

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